Town of Johnstown Zoning Board of Appeals

2753 State Hwy 29, Johnstown, NY  12095


6:00 PM

PRESENT:            Randy Siver, Chairman                                                 ABSENT:              Clarence Chamberlain

                              Joseph Cirillo, Vice Chairman                                                                    Margaret Graves

                              Denis Wilson                                                                                                 Ryan Fagan, CEO

                              Connie MacFarland, Code Asst.


I.                 Call meeting to order at 6:03 by Chairman Randy Siver


II.               Approve July Minutes

Motion made by:  Joe Cirillo             Seconded by: Denis Wilson            In Favor:  All

August Meeting: No quorum – no meeting


III.              Robert C. Sweet Jr., 286 New Turnpike Rd., Johnstown, NY  12095 (SBL# 172.-2-10.12)

Area Variance – To build a 30’ X 40’ open pavilion, 30 ft from road.  Town Code requires a 50’ setback, request a 20’ area variance.


Public Hearing opened at 6:05pm

Public comments in favor:  Mr. Sweet explained the need for the 20’ area variance.  The slope of the property makes it cost prohibitive to move the pavilion back any further on the property.   At the previous meeting, a neighbor was present and spoke in favor of the variance.

Public comments opposed:  None

Public Hearing closed at 6:10pm


Discussion:  Joe Cirillo asked if any other structures in the area, are close to the road.  Mr. Sweet said there is a house in the neighborhood which is closer to the road.  Mr. Sweet stated that the pavilion will be for large family gatherings.


Zoning Board Action:  Zoning Board discussed the location of the property and the landscape.


Motion to: Approve the area variance made by:  Denis Wilson, Seconded by: Joe Cirillo   In favor: All


IV.             NEW BUSINESS:


Area Variance – Mark J. Hayes, 125 Old Peck Hill Rd., Gloversville, NY  12078 (SBL# 133.3-2-6)

Would like to build new garage on site of existing garage up to edge of neighbor, Wendell Allen @ 127 Old Peck Hill Rd., property line.  Request 6’ area variance from property line.


Discussion:  Mark Hayes explained the need for the variance.  The existing garage is built on the property line between Mark Hayes and neighbor, Wendell Allen.  Mark Hayes indicated that Mr. Allen has no opposition to building a new garage in same location.  Structures are required to be 6’ from side lots, a 6’ variance is requested.

Motion to: schedule a Public Hearing for Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 6:00 pm by Denis Wilson

Seconded by:  Joe Cirillo

In favor:  All


V.               Other Business:  None


VI.              Motion to close meeting at 6:15pm made by: Denis Wilson     Seconded by:   Joe Cirillo       In favor: All