Town of Johnstown Zoning Board of Appeals

2753 State Hwy 29, Johnstown, NY  12095


6:00 PM


PRESENT:            Joseph Cirillo, Vice Chairman                                                   ABSENT:              Randy Siver

                              Denis Wilson                                                                                                               Clarence Chamberlain

                              Margaret Graves                                                                                                        Ryan Fagan

                              Connie MacFarland, Code Asst.



I.                 Call meeting to order at 6:00 pm by Vice Chairman, Joe Cirillo


II.               Approve September Minutes

Motion made by:   Denis Wilson                 Seconded by:  Margaret Graves                In Favor:  All


III.              Area Variance – Mark J. Hayes, 125 Old Peck Hill Rd., Gloversville, NY  12078 (SBL# 133.3-2-6)

Would like to build new garage on site of existing garage up to edge of neighbor, Wendell Allen @ 127 Old Peck Hill Rd., property line.  Request 6’ area variance from property line.


Public Hearing opened at 6:01 pm

Public comments in favor: Mark Hayes spoke in favor of the variance, stating the neighbor affected has no opposition to the new garage being place on site of existing.

Public comments opposed:  None

Public Hearing closed at 6:02 pm


Zoning Board Action:  Brief discussion, and members approved variance.


Motion to approve variance made by: Denis Wilson    Seconded by: Margaret Graves    In favor:  All


IV.             Other Business: None


V.               Motion to close meeting at 6:04 pm made by: Denis Wilson    Seconded by: Margaret Graves  In favor: All