Town of Johnstown Zoning Board of Appeals 2753 State Highway 29, Johnstown, NY 12095 06/01/2017

6:00 PM

PRESENT:        Randy Siver, Chairman

Joseph Cirillo, Vice Chairman Denis Wilson

Margaret Graves Ryan Fagan

Connie MacFarland

         Clarence  Chamberlain


I.        Call meeting to order at 6:00 pm by Chairman Randy Siver


II.       Approve April minutes

Motion made by:        Denis Wilson          Seconded by Joseph Cirillo            In  favor: All



Interpretation: First Choice Financial FCU1 355 Hales Mills Rd Ext .1 Gloversville, NY 12078  SBL# 1 49 .-1-5 4 Allow pre-existing  non-conforming  off  premise Walmart  pylon structure  and approval  of  one  freestanding sign on premise 75'  X 162   ½',  total sq ft 198.  And one  single faced 2'  X 6'  sign at round about.

Frank Marzullo, Contractor - Ecklund  Family Farm Machinery


Town ofJohnstown Chapter 84 -  Zoning

Section 84-21.B.  Signs - General Regulations

B. Number of Signs Exclusive of direction signs, the number of signs permitted on any single parcel shall not exceed 3 per establishment. In no case shall the number of freestandingsigns exceed 1. In addition to the foregoing, up to 2 directional signs may be permitted per parcel.


Discussion: Frank Marzullo explained the request for an interpretation of the current Sign Law. He said the current sign that advertises First Choice Financial and Walmart should not be considered a freestanding sign. He is requesting an LED pylon sign that advertises First Choice Financial only. After lengthy discussion on what is considered a freestanding sign,Denis Wilson suggested that the current sign is a monument sign, since it is a structure, and therefore a freestanding sign can be erected.


Interpretation: A monument style sign is to be considered a structure, not a freestanding sign, with signage that does not protrude more than twelve inches outward.

Motion to: Approve interpretation by Denis Wilson

Seconded by:  Joseph Cirillo

In favor: All


IV: Other Business (if any):


V: Motion to close meeting at: 6:53 pm made by: Denis Wilson Seconded by: Joseph Cirillo                       In favor:  All