Town of Johnstown Zoning Board of Appeals

2753 State Highway 29, Johnstown, NY 12095


6:00 PM

PRESENT:        Denis Wilson, Chairman                                 ABSENT:          Clarence G. Chamberlain III

                        Joseph Cirillo, Vice Chair                                                        Margaret Graves

                        Randy Siver

                        Ryan Fagan, Bldg Inspector

                        Connie MacFarland, Code Assistant


I.                    Call meeting to order at 6:10 pm by Chairman Denis Wilson


II.                  Approve December minutes

Motion made by: Joseph Cirillo       Seconded by: Randy Siver            In favor: All


III.                OPEN PUBLIC HEARING AT 6:12 pm 

Motion made by:     Randy Siver

Seconded by:       Joseph Cirillo

In favor:                All

Area variance:  NextEra Energy Resources LLC dba DG New York Solar, 2617 State Hwy 67, Johntown, NY 12095    SBL# 176.-2-39

A 200’ setback is required from property lines abutting residential uses.  Request variance of 50’ to accommodate required system size/capacity, and avoid wetlands impact.  In no case will system be closer than 150’ from existing homes.  Also, a slatted fence will be installed to minimize visual impacts.

Public Comments In favor: Tony Yonnone, NextEra, showed board members illustration of the project, indicating wetland areas, and how project was shrunk down to fit in areas already farmed or not wetland areas.  This is the reason for area variance of 50’.  All neighbors were notified with no negative response. 

Public Comments Opposed: none



Discussion:   Joseph Cirillo and Denis Wilson indicated that they don’t have any objection to the variance, the Army Corp of Engineers has approved the location of the project.  Ryan Fagan explained that the Town of Johnstown Solar Law requires all solar farm projects to be at least 200’ from residential property, which is the only reason for the variance.  Randy asked if the variance is required for only one side, Ryan explained the variance is on two sides where residential properties abutt the project. 


Motion to grant variance: Joseph Cirillo

Seconded by:       Randy Siver

In favor:   All








Motion to appoint Randy Siver as Chairman made by Joseph Cirillo        

Seconded by: Denis Wilson   

In favor:    All


Motion to appoint Joseph Cirillo as Vice-Chairman made by Denis Wilson

Seconded by:       Randy Siver

In favor:   All


V:   Other Business (if any):

Ryan asked Board members for volunteers to serve on the Zoning Board and Alternates for the Zoning Board.  Margaret Graves is on medical leave until further notice.


Ryan asked if anyone is interested in attending the Saratoga County Planning & Zoning Conference 2017, being held January 25, 2017 at the Saratoga Springs City Center. Registration forms were distributed.


VI:  Motion to close meeting at: 6:24 pm made by:    Randy Siver

Seconded by:  Joseph Cirillo       In favor:  All