Town of Johnstown Zoning Board of Appeals

2753 State Highway 29, Johnstown, NY 12095

04/06/2017 @ 6:00 PM


PRESENT:        Joseph Cirillo, Vice Chairman             ABSENT:          Randy Siver, Chairman

                        Denis Wilson                                                               Ryan Fagan, Bldg Insp.

                        Clarence Chamberlain III

                        Margaret Graves

                        Connie MacFarland, Code Assistant


I.           Call meeting to order at 6:02 pm by Vice Chairman Joseph Cirillo


II.         Approve March minutes

Motion made by:       Clarence Chamberlain                  

Seconded by:   Denis Wilson

In favor:   All


III.       Area variance:  Borrego Solar, (Robert Smullen) 200 W State St Ext., Gloversville, NY    SBL# 134.-1-7

A 200’ setback is required from property lines abutting residential uses.  Request variance of 150’ to accommodate solar array.  (Representing Borrego Solar - C. Dean Smith, Civil Engineer, Borrego Solar)


Discussion:   C. Dean Smith – introduced project to attendees.  He answered questions from residents regarding noise level of transformers, berm, landscaping, etc…  Also discussed decommission bond for the project.    Showed location on map of proposed project, as well as surrounding properties and residences.  Explained the need for a 150’ setback.  Showed the location of the berm, 2 ft trees, landscaping and 8’ fence to be constructed on the perimeter of project.  Clarence explained the area variance is the concern of the Zoning Board.  Other issues can be brought to the Planning Board when the site plan is discussed.


Open Public Hearing at 6:21 pm

Public Comments In favor:  C Dean Smith

Public Comments Opposed: None

Motion to close public hearing at 6:22 pm

Made by:  Clarence Chamberlain

Second by: Denis Wilson

In favor:    All

Discussion:  Clarence stated that the resident affected by 150’ variance sent a letter indicating his approval of the project.

Motion to:              Approve 150’ variance

Made by:  Clarence Chamberlain

Seconded by:  Denis Wilson

In favor:          All           


IV:  Other Business (if any):  none

V:   Motion to close meeting at: 6:26 pm made by:     Denis Wilson

Seconded by:  Clarence Chamberlain                 In favor:   All