APRIL10, 2018









Themeeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m.


MOTION: Toapprove the minutes to the January 9, 2018


MADE BY: Garth Bruce

SECONDED: Richard Lynaugh

VOTE: 4in favor, 0 opposed



AmyJones would like to keep two (2) goats and 6-12 chickens at her residence at224 County Highway 131A in the Town of Johnstown. Her property is approximately .86 acres insize (Tax Map Parcel No. 162.-3-2). Mrs.Jones intends to construct a 10’ x 10’ chicken coop and pen and a 20’ x 10’goat pen with an 8’ x 6’ structure in the northwest corner of theproperty.

CountySenior Planner Sean Geraghty pointed out that the only reason the applicant isrequired to seek a Special Use Permit from the Planning Board is that herproperty is not at least two (2) acres in size. He went on to explain that Animal Husbandry is an allowed use in theAgricultural Use Zone, but there is a provision in the Town’s ZoningRegulations that requires a property to be at least two (2) acres in size.

Planning Department Review:

Arudimentary sketch plan has been provided on an orthoimage of theproperty. Even though the property islocated in an Agricultural Use Zone, it requires a Special Permit from thePlanning Board because the property is less than 2 acres in size. While there are supplementary regulations forAnimal Husbandry, there are no supplementary regulations for animal husbandryactivities that require a Special Use Permit. Given the nature of this application, the following information shouldbe provided on a final Sketch Plan of the property:

1. The scaled dimensions of boththe chicken coop and goat pen should be identified on a scaled drawing.

DISCUSSION: Planning Board Chairman Eric VanAlstyneindicated that he would like to get a feel for the topography of the site andfind out if the property slopes in any given direction.

KyleJones explained that the property essentially slopes towards the backright-hand corner or the northeast corner of the property.

PlanningBoard Member Tony Ambrosino asked if the applicant intended to have both a maleand female goat?

AmyJones indicated that both goats would be the same sex since she did not intendto breed the animals. She indicated thather family simply wants to have goats as pets for their children. She explained that keeping the chickens willessentially be a hobby.

PlanningBoard Member Dick Lynaugh pointed out that the individuals next door to theapplicants could have two (2) GermanShepards that they allow to wander around their yard. He stated that he felt this would be nodifferent than having two (2) goats in the yard. Mr. Lynaugh indicated that, in his opinion,there are no significant issues that could result from the applicant’s proposalto keep goats and chickens on their property.

2. The setback distances from theproperty lines to the new structures should be identified.

DISCUSSION: Mr. VanAlstyne asked if the pens will bemoveable?

KyleJones indicated to the Planning Board that he would not be putting the pens ona foundation so he could conceivably move them. However, he indicated that he did not intend to periodically move thepens and was comfortable with the proposed location on the property.

Mr.VanAlstyne indicated that he would not be comfortable with the applicantsmoving the pens to the northeast corner of the property where the topographycould cause manure to run off onto adjacent properties.

3. A notation should be made onthe final drawing indicating that the animals will not be allowed to roamfreely around the property.

DISCUSSION: Mr. Geraghty pointed out that theapplicants should provide some type of assurance that the goats will not bewandering freely around the property. Henoted that the goats will not respect property lines and he felt it would notbe fair for Town Code Enforcement Officer Todd Unislawski to have to deal withphones calls from neighbors complaining that there are goats wandering aroundin their yards.

4. A notation should be placed onthe final drawing indicating that manure will not be stockpiled on theproperty.

DISCUSSION: The applicants indicated that they wouldnot be stockpiling any manure on the property and intended to use the limitedamount of manure that is generated in their garden.

State Environmental Quality Review:

The proposedAnimal Husbandry action is essentially an agricultural farm management practicewithin an Agricultural Use Zone and therefore should be considered a Type IIAction under the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

DISCUSSION: The Planning Board was comfortable withclassifying the proposal as a Type II Action.

Planning Board Action:

Inaccordance with Section 84-54 of the Town of Johnstown Zoning Regulations, thePlanning Board shall hold a public hearing on a complete Special Use Permitapplication within sixty-two (62) days from the determination of the Planning Boardthat the application is complete. Doesthe Planning Board feel that it has enough information to schedule a publichearing at this time?

MOTION: Toschedule a public hearing on Amy Jones’ Special Permit for Animal Husbandry onher property at 224 County Highway 131A for 6:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

MADEBY: Richard Lynaugh

SECONDED: Garth Bruce

VOTE: 4 in favor, 0 opposed


A. Chairman’s Update:

EricVanAlstyne asked if Benjamin Moore’s proposed expansion plans will have to comebefore the Town of Johnstown Planning Board?

Mr.Geraghty explained that the Benjamin Moore expansion will take place in theCity of Johnstown Industrial Park and will have to go through the City’sPlanning Board.

TonyAmbrosino asked what type of project was being proposed in the Potter Buildingsalong Harrison Street?

Mr.Geraghty pointed out that Charlie Potter has received approval from the City ofGloversville Planning Board to install climate-controlled storage units.

B. Town Supervisor:

1. Hales Mills Road:

TownSupervisor Jack Wilson indicated that he had a couple of issues he would liketo discuss with the Planning Board. Mr.Wilson explained that the Town Board recently met in Executive Session todiscuss issues involving potential property acquisitions along Hales MillsRoad. Mr. Wilson pointed out that theCounty has spent a considerable amount of money providing and upgradinginfrastructure along Hales Mills Road so that the Town can encourage commercialand residential growth along this corridor. He indicated that the Town Board feels it is their responsibility toprotect the investment that has been made by the County. He indicated that the Town Board would liketo review the zoning design guidelines for development along Hales Mills Roadand update the community’s Comprehensive Plan so that the type of developmentthat has been envisioned along Hales Mills Road is allowed and encouraged in theTown’s regulations. Mr. Wilson pointedout that the Town has discussed future development along Hales Mills Road andhas agreed that mixed-use residential and commercial development is thepreferred option for the corridor. Heindicated that he would like to appoint the Planning Board to look at theTown’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations and see what updates need tobe made. He indicated that he would liketo get three (3) additional residents to sit with the Planning Board on theCommission. He speculated that theCommission will have to meet eight (8) to ten (10) times to complete thistask.

2. Town Park:

Mr.Wilson then talked about recent conversations he’s had with the property owneralong the west side of Hales Mills Road Extension. He reminded Board members that the conceptualdevelopment plan for the Hales Mills Road corridor calls for the development ofa Town Park on that property. Mr. Wilsonindicated that the Town may be able to partner with the US Soil and WaterConservation Service to develop a park around the pond and create a trailsystem on the property that would be maintained by the Soil and WaterConservation Service. Mr. Wilson pointedout that the Soil and Water Conservation Service has federal funding availableto construct a new building for its operations. He indicated that the agency’s existing building along Hales Mills Roadis old and in need of significant repairs. There were then several minutes of discussion back and forth between Mr.Wilson and Board members concerning the potential for future development on theHales Mills corridor.

3. Elmwood Avenue ApartmentProject:

Mr.Wilson quickly explained that Mick Mullins came before the Town Board recentlyto discuss a large residential apartment complex proposal along ElmwoodAvenue. He indicated that he expectedMr. Mullins to appear before the Planning Board in the near future to presenthis project.


MOTION: Toclose the meeting at 6:34 p.m.

MADEBY: Anthony Ambrosino

SECONDED: Garth Bruce

VOTE: 4 in favor, 0 opposed