Meeting Opened: 6:02 PM

Present: Tim Rizzo, Don Van Duesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Jack Wilson, Todd Unislawski, Ryan Fagan, Nancy Hart, See Sign-in Sheet.

Jack Wilson stated the budget has been reduced to $2.66 per thousand for 2018 and that is probably the lowest amount it can be.

$295,116.00 taken out from previous budget

$179,000.00 from Highway

$ 116,000.00 from General Fund

Labor charges, repairs, increased sales tax revenue all removed and Transfer station permits were raised to $25.00 for next year.

Don Van Duesen: Reviewed several line items for reduction.

Tim Rizzo wants no raises for anyone. Don Van Duesen was in agreement with Tim and added there is no way to evaluate merit of raises so no raises until evaluation for merit increases can be done. Walt Lane questioned if no raises would be given Highway either. Don Van Duesen stated that is a negotiation issue, but they are trying to get no raises there either. Daryl Baldwin suggested waiting till end of budget process to see if any leeway for raises.

Total of $8,189.00 savings after line item adjustments.

Tim Rizzo: Want to know if Fire Departments will come down on their contracts. Jack Wilson said hasn't been addressed at this time.

Tim Rizzo said a resident contacted him with concerns about number of Highway Dept. crew.

County does 180 miles of road and town does 70, county has 10 men that run trucks and town has 9.

Kelly Bradt stated Tim should compare over-time of town with county as county has large waste. Jack Wilson stated 2 men man each truck to plow for safety. Tim stated county and state run 1 man per truck.

Tim suggested lay-offs of highway department, but rest of board did not agree. Don Van Duesen feels Dept. Heads should evaluate work-force whenever adjustments to personnel are to be made.

Tim Rizzo questioned 5 year plan needs to be instituted moving forward and Jack Wilson stated he has talked with Bruce Van Genderen about a plan, and T. J. Bradt is currently working on a plan for the Highway Dept. Don Van Duesen suggested each department should have a 5 year plan.

Katherine Bradt questioned the cost of health insurance and who receives it. Jack Wilson stated the personnel manual needs to be reviewed and addressed and Health Insurance will go out for bid next year.

Mr. Williams: Stated salt shed is needed and Tim Rizzo replied it was needed, but not properly planned for. Katherine Bradt reiterated that it was built to specs.

Clyde Nellis informed the board that the reduction of $8,189.00 brought the tax rate down by

$.02 to $2.64 per thousand.

6:40 PM Jack Wilson opened the Public Comment:

Nancy Hulbert: Was bankruptcy explored? Jack stated town is not anywhere near that point. NYS Comptroller has website where fiscal stress is rated. Town and County not in stress yet. Town is $450,000.00 in debt currently.

Ron Drzewicki: Suggested town borrow money instead of raising taxes. Town should adjust expenses to 2 % like everybody else.

Question was asked what has been put in place so this never happens again. Jack Wilson stated we have a full time bookkeeper to keep track daily. No equipment can be purchased without board approval, bank statements are all reconciled regularly, some accounts have been closed and all fiscal reports done monthly.

Greta Davis: Will fiscal reports be available to the public? Jack says public welcome to see all fiscal statements.

Jack Wilson says it will take about 10 years to build a surplus back to 1 million dollars.

Jeffrey Persch: Asked about statements being accessed by Facebook, but Jack stated the comments are unwarranted on that sit e. Jeffrey feels people should come with solutions not complaints.

Walt Lane said he can put information on website, but will check with the attorney first.

6:50 PM motion made by Daryl Baldwin to close the Public Hearing
2nd: Don Van Duesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen

Res. 2017- 88: Motion made by Jack Wilson to accept the budget for 2018 with a tax rate of

$2.64 per thousand. 2nd : Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane; Don Van Duesen Jack asked the_public to attend meetings as it is helpful.

6:55 PM Daryl Baldwin made motion to go into executive session for contracts. 2nd : Don Van Duesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen

8:05 PM Jack Wilson made motion to go out of executive session and adjourn the meeting. 2nd: Don Van Duesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen