May 21, 2018
Meeting Opened:6:05 PM

Present: DonVan Duesen, Daryl Baldwin, Nancy Hart, Jack Wilson Clyde Nellis, Kelly Bradt,T. J. Bradt, Leader Reporter, WENT, Gazette Reporter, Walt Lane, Leah Everhart,Robert Smullen, Patrick Vincent, Dave Williams, Sue Williams, Paul Mac Vean,William Abel, Mike Rose.


Bill Abel: Asked if Bookkeeping problem wasresolved. Jack Wilson said it was andtown now has a full time bookkeeper with benefits. Mr. Abel stated bookkeeper is costing the town$32,000.00 minimum with benefits and why do we need full time when town israising taxes. Jack stated taxes notraised because town is broke, but due to mismanagement and full time bookkeeperwill keep financial records in order.

PatrickVincent: Candidate for 118th district assemblyman introduced himself.

Motion made byWalt Lane to accept minutes from last Regular Board Meeting.

2nd:Don Van Duesen

Ayes: JackWilson, Don Van Duesen, Walt Lane

Nays: DarylBaldwin


Highway Dept.: 15 miles of double lines have been repaintedin town.

Culvert wasreplace on Willie Rd. Pine Tree Rifle Club wants to repave their parking lot,but town owns part of it and they need permission to pave it. Pine Tree willpay costs.

Res. 2018-63: Motion made by Walt Lane to allowPine Tree Rifle club to pave their Parking Lot and the portion belonging to thetown at no cost to the Town.

2nd:Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: JackWilson, Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin

Bids for Pavingwere opened:

CobleskillStone: $308,429.75

Peter Luizziand Bros: $421,192.30

Empire Paving:$364,262.00

Del Signore:$405,869.71

Callahan Ind.:$346,318.00

T. J. Bradtstated he may need to delete some of the project to keep at approximately$250,000.00.

Res. 2018-64:Motion made by Daryl Baldwin to accept the paving bid from Cobleskill Stone for$308,429.75.

2nd:Walt Lane

Ayes: JackWilson, Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin

CodeEnforcement: (Absent) See Attached

Assessor: SeeAttached

Clerk: SeeAttached

Animal Control:See Attached

Justice: SeeAttached


Don Van Duesen:Item on agenda for Executive Session is not Executive Session item. Mr. Smullen’s issues regarding his veteran’sexemption is in question and Don feels Mr. Smullen should be removed from theBoard of Assessment review until issue is cleared up.

Res. 2018-65:Motion made by Don Van Duesen to remove Robert Smullen from the Board ofAssessment Review.

2nd:Walt Lane

Discussion:Daryl Baldwin asked Mr. Smullen to address the board.

Robert Smullenstated this is politically motivated attack. He has been a lifelong resident of the town and 307 Willie Rd is hislegal residence. He purchases the Teetzfarm in 2008 on W. State St. Ext. and finished a new home there in 2017. Property was subdivided in to two parcels dueto SOLAR farm. Don questioned two housesare on one property which Mr. Smullen is receiving Veteran’s exemption onentire parcel. Mr. Smullen stated thePlanning Board approved the subdivision. Walt Lane stated the Planning board may have approved it, but it is upto the homeowner to do the actual subdivision. Mr. Smullen stated he paid back Niskayuna for Veteran Exemption and hewill need to verify the subdivision of the property.

Mike Rose:Stated this whole incident was politically motivated that went on tonight andis despicable.

PatrickVincent: Taking tax benefits on two houses in not legal.

Jack Wilsoncalled for a vote.

Ayes: Don vanDuesen

Nays: DarylBaldwin, Jack Wilson, Walt Lane

Walt Lane:Letter from Todd Unislawski, Code Enforcer, on a house built in the town had nopermits or CO. Todd had issued violationnotice and got a response this morning per Jack Wilson.

Daryl Baldwin:Questioned if foreclosed properties are removed from Tax Roll. Nancy Hart saidAssessor would need to answer that. Leah Everhart stated they are in cities,but town may be different.


Received from Onyx PILOT: $4,715.00

Received From Spectrum: $51,373.00

Received from Sales Tax 1st Qtr.$292,118.76

Snow Money: $34,000.00

Town Payroll: $34,087.00

Town Expenses: $36,558.00

Highway Payroll: $38,588.00

Highway Expenses: $64,211.00

Jack stated heis looking into problems with code violations, court attendance andpenalties.

County islooking into shared services for:

Justice Court

Tax Collectionsoftware



Smart Waters


Don Van Duesenfeels Police/Fire/EMS and Garbage Collection too expensive for towns to getinvolved with cities.

Public Hearingfor Master Plan and Rezoning:

Leah Everhartsaid county has identified Hales Mills area for Development. Re-zoning would add to proposed uses forarea. Town decides if the changesbenefit the community. If Master Plan isamended then zoning needs to change as well. Eleven parcels would be involved.

RonHollenbeck: Will property be annexedinto city? Jack Wilson said no. Countyhas put in Water line of 12” on west side and 8” Sewer line is on East side ofRoad. Most of land involved is inAg-District for next 7 years.

Patrick Vincentasked if there was an idea of number of people impacted.

Leah Everhartstated town is not developing, the county is.

Mrs.Hollenbeck: Will one developer be doing it all? Jack Wilson said it would benice, but he doesn’t know.

Bill Abel:Questioned if this project was similar to the one at FMCC? Jack Wilson said theFMCC plan was no longer viable as college attendance had dropped in lastseveral years.

Motion made byJack Wilson to close the Public Hearing

2nd:Don VanDuesen

Ayes: JackWilson, Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin

Town conductedthe SEQRA for the amendment to the zoning changes and Master Plan.

Part I of theSEQRA was closed

Part 2 remainsopen

Jack Wilsonstated town hall had a PESH inspection over air quality and pest problems. Need periodic inspection of premises forpests.

Res. 2018-66: Motion made by Daryl Baldwin to hireMohawk Valley Pest Control for quarterly inspection for not more than $600.00per year to come from acct. 1620.4.

2nd:Jack Wilson

Ayes: Jack Wilson,Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin

Jack Wilson requestedthe board meet for a Workshop at 5PM on June 4, 2018.

The Solar project atthe Animal Shelter has changed management. C. T. Male is surveying and willengineer the project which will break ground the end of the year.

Res. 2018-67: Motionmade by Walt Lane to establish an engineering account A 1440.4 for the upgradegrant for town hall. $10,000.00 to beput in the new account from Contingency acct. A1990.4.

2nd: DonVanDuesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson,Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin

Jack Wilson said theappraisal on the Bowe property was completed by Whitaker so another meetingneeds to be set up.

Res. 2018-68: Motion made by Walt Lane to allow Roger’s FamilyOrchards to hold Day on the Farm on September 30, 2018 from 12PM to 4PM.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson,Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin

Res. 2018-69: Motionmade by Jack Wilson to modify the budget as follows: Supervisor ExpensesA1220.4 from $1,250 to $5,000, an increase of $3,750.00. Bus Operations A5630.4 from $6,750.00 to$6,916, an increase of $166.00. Workers Comp A9020.8 from $22,000.00 to $1,084a decrease of $3,916.00.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Discussion: Jackstated Software for bookkeeper had increased, Bus account was short in thebudget by $166.00 and funds were available from the Workers Comp.

Ayes: Jack Wilson,Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin

Motion made by DarylBaldwin to Pay Bills

2nd: DonVanDuesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson,Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin

8:55 PM motion toadjourn made by Walt Lane

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson,Walt Lane, Don Van Duesen, Daryl Baldwin