MAY 15, 2017

Meeting Opened: 6:00 PM

Present: Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Nancy Hart, T. J. Bradt, Kelly Bradt, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Teresa Westover, L.H. Reporter, Christian Vera.

Public Comment: Christian Vera requested that the board outlaw sale of animal traps as it is torture to the animal. Boycotting Harnish Bros. for selling traps.

Motions made by Walt Lane to accept minutes of the last regular meeting.

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Tim Rizzo had question on correction so motion was tabled.


HIGHWAY: T.J. had results from Auction Site for sale of surplus equipment.

Approved sale price for

2006 Air Flo Dump Bed/Sander for $670.00

2001 Air Flo Dump Bed/Sander for $660.00

4 Tires (14.00-24) for $400.00

1992 Ford Tractor w/ Flail Mowers $11,100.00

Ford 2,000 Tractor $1,700.00

1998 John Deere bid was too low at $8,900.00. T. J. will have Auction Site offer counter bid to bidder of $20,000.00, but will not take less than $15,000.00.

Res. 2017-56: Motion made by Daryl Baldwin to sell equipment from Auction Site at received bids except for the 1998 John Deere 5410 which will not go for less than $15,000.00.

2nd: Tim Rizzo

Discussion: Tim asked if money will go toward the new tractors.

Ayes; Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Walt Lane, Tim Rizzo

T. J. Stated the double lines on the proposed roads will be done in a few days.

CODE ENFORCEMENT: Attached / Continued problem with tire situation on Rte. 67.

ASSESSOR: Attached

CLERK: Attached

ACO: Attached

Estimate of shelter outside fence was given to the board:

$4,800.00 for 1” fabric, 6 gauge installed

$4,300.00 for just materials, 1 inch fabric, no installation

2” fabric 6 gauge $4,700.00 installed

2” fabric 9 gauge $3,500.00 installed

Daryl questioned if Woodcraft was paying prevailing wage. ACO will check with owner.

JUSTICE: Attached

Jack Wilson stated Hang Air case has been settled. Bruce Van Gendron should be done with the books in approximately 3 weeks. Need to dispose of 2 printers from Supervisor’s office.

Res. 2017-57: Motion made by Daryl Baldwin to dispose of the 2 printers from Supervisor’s Office.

2nd: Walt Lane

Ayes; Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Walt Lane, Tim Rizzo

Jack Wilson stated 7 resumes’ were received for vacant Councilman Seat:

Lisa D’Amore, Mel Emurian, Don Van Deusen , Kim Livingstone, Jeffrey Persch, John Zawadski, and Sherry Bornt.

Res. 2017-58: Motion made by Daryl Baldwin to select candidate by ballot

2nd: Jack Wilson

Ayes; Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Walt Lane, Tim Rizzo

Don Van Deusen: Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Walt Lane

Kim Livingstone: Tim Rizzo

Mr. Van Deusen will be the new Councilman to fill our remaining term of Jim Westover.


Tim Rizzo: Wants to pay Christiano the $120.00 for their driveway.

T.J. Bradt stated he spoke with Mr. Christiano and the culvert pipe was never removed from the ground. Blacktop was replaced (the pipe was raised from the frost). Originally the side additional pavement had been done with extra paving material they had. Mr. Christiano said it is done and over per T. J. Bradt.

T. J. Bradt stated the town’s new policy will follow the county’s where Home Owner pays for culvert and gravel will be done by town, no paving will be done in future.

Board agreed that matter is done according to both parties.

Tim Rizzo stated Christiano still wanted to be paid per the letter and wanted it so noted.

Tim asked Jack status of Electric rebates; 25% rebate from American Electric for $84.00.

Tim Rizzo also questioned where the balance budget sheets from January 2017 were and also Bank Reconciliations for all future meetings. Jack Wilson said Clyde Nellis, bookkeeper is working on them. Tim suggested all town officials attend webinar on Thursday from 10:30AM to 11:30 AM for Financial Planning. Jack stated he will be attending a conference in Malone then. He read some of his notes from the seminar he attended to the board

I would like to read some of my notes from class taken on 4/6/17 with the Comptroller which have impact on how the Town of Johnstown is operating:

1. Need a “Structurally” balanced budget with balance reports.

2. Financial reports at each meeting with financial condition.

3. “Trust but Verify” is the board’s responsibility.

4. Estimates from department heads for following budget year and a multiyear plan “written”. Without a written and approved plan spending is compromised.

5. Reserves are required for “capital” budget plan.

6. Use account codes by Comptroller and try to stay away from codes past the tenth, it can become a legal issue.

7. Contingency is not typically used for spending because it gives no meaning to the proper charge. Transfer monies to proper account. Ex: at workshop when Walt asked me if there was something wrong about paying for the estimator out of the contingency funds, I was trying to remember this.

8. Negative numbers in the budget are a violation with the law. Ex: Town mowing county roads needs to be profitable at the end of the day.

9. Exhausting accounts and the end of the year is not the intention of the public and is concerning to the Comptroller. End of year spending must be watched by Board and charts help in this monitoring.

10. Modify appropriations for grants.

11. Is the alarm system on in your computer activated that indicates when your balances are low?

12. Bank Reconciliations should be included with balance sheets.

13. Be couscous of back checks that don’t get deposited or are in transit, simple way of theft.

14. “You can’t give rise to a claim without and Appropriation.” Ex: the Salt Barn technically could not have been built due to no funds existed prior to its rise.

15. Build Trend Analysis graphs which visually show you changes in spending.

16. Should have enough cash in hand to cover 2-3 months of billings.

17. Putting capital projects and large purchases on loans or lease is kicking the can down the road for failure to plan, concerning to the Comptroller.

18. Cultural change is taking place in government, utilize comptroller examples from web pages.

19. Check your community’s Fiscal Stress audit by the Comptroller on line.

Daryl Baldwin: Wanted to commend Walt Lane on his recent work on the town website.

Walt Lane made motion to pay bills

2nd: Jack Wilson

Ayes; Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Walt Lane, Tim Rizzo

7:19 PM Motion to adjourn by Walt Lane

2nd: Tim Rizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane (Daryl Baldwin had left)