MARCH 20, 2017

Meeting called to order: 6:00 PM

Present: jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Tim Rizzo, Daryl Baldwin, Leah Everhart, Ryan Fagan, Nancy Hart, T. J. Bradt, Kelly Bradt, Teresa Westover, Kim Westover, Beth Mc Neely, Jim Oare, Kathi Oare, LH Reporter, FC Express Reporter.


Beth Mc Neely: Read resignation letter from Councilman Jim Westover who died 3/2/17.

Walt Lane made motion to approve minutes of the last Board meeting.

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo


Highway: T. J. Bradt wanted to commend the Highway Department for their effort in snow removal during the big storm.

There are surplus tractors and equipment T. J. Bradt would like to put on Auction International site in April.

Res. 2017-46: Jack Wilson made motion to put Highway Dept. equipment that was determined as surplus on Auctions International Auction in April.

2nd: Walt Lane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Walt Lane

Nays: Tim Rizzo

Res. 2017-47: Jack Wilson made motion to repeal resolutions 2016-100 and 2016-101 from the October 17, 2016 Board meeting.

2nd: Tim Rizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

Res. 2017-48: Jack Wilson made motion to amend Res. 2016-101 to accept Summit St. as a town road between Lake Ave. and Cherry St. (Summit St. being a road by use that was an extension of Cherry St. which connects to Lake Ave.)

Ruther Resolved: That the Town has maintenance, repair, and legal responsibility for said road.

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

2017-49: Jack Wilson made motion to amend Res. 2016-100 to extend Peck’s Lake Road .4 of a mile from NY 29A to Bridge (BIN 2203960) on the west end of the dam and name it Peck’s Lake Road Extension.

2nd: Walt Lane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

CODES: Report attached

ASSESSOR; Report attached

CLERK: Report attached

ACO: Report attached

JUSTICE: Report attached


Tim Rizzo: Condolences for Jim Westover, “He was honest and stood up for what is right.”

Asked T.J. Bradt the total for new tractors; T. J. Stated $210,000.00 and were done on state contract. Tim felt tractors should have been put out for bids as was done for the truck in the past. T.J. Bradt stated no bids were necessary because was done through state contract.

Tim brought up issue of purchasing a time clock. Two would be needed at a cost of $500.00 per time clock.

Motion was made by Tim Rizzo to purchase a time clock for the Town Hall and one for the Highway Dept.

2nd: No second was made

Tim stated there had been an issue in 2013 with the auditor regarding time issues. T.J. Bradt stated the auditor wanted Time Cards in 2013 and all issues were resolved.

Tim stated he has two issues with the Highway Contract and thinks they should be put up to public vote. Jack Wilson stated the board will be kept up on contract negotiations and have input when the contract is redone. Tim requested contract issues be raised early in case anything needs to be on the ballot in the fall.

Walt: Boot allowance for Highway was brought up at the last meeting. Process for union negotiations must be followed to change issues Tim has.

Daryl: Every item in union negotiations was approved by the board before brought to the union for negotiation.

Jack: Wanted to assure Tim Rizzo there were no kids playing on the computers at the Town Hall, only one on computer in his office is the bookkeeper.

Leah: Email communication should be discussed under Attorney/Client meeting afterwards. Deer Creek is in Receivership and per Ryan Fagan all code violations were being addressed, as weather permits, and are being taken care of. Kathi Oare said Arnie Leto is currently asking about the park as he started a property management company and is take over park management for his mother, Jackie Leto. Leah stated the town’s main concern is with compliance.

Jack Wilson requested a moment of silence for Jim Westover.

Jack Wilson reported Jim Mraz is working on Ossip farm and Hales Mill Rd. projects.

Jack requested board approve him and Clyde Nellis, the bookkeeper, attending a finance school for towns in Saratoga with money from acct. # 1990.4.

Motion was made by Walt Lane for Jack Wilson and Clyde Nellis to attend the Finance school in Saratoga.

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Discussion: Tim Rizzo questioned why they were attending one with expense as he went to a free one in Oneonta. Jack Wilson said he didn’t know about the other one and this one is put on by the state.

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

Jack said appraisals on Hales Mills properties are still being sought and he should have them for nest board meeting in April.

Jack requested a change in programs for the computer in his office.

Motion made by Daryl Baldwin for Jack Wilson to purchase Microsoft Suite for $100.00.

2nd: Jack Wilson

Discussion: Walt Lane asked in this was one that will be backed up on the Cloud. And suggested Jack makes sure it would.

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Nays: Tim Rizzo

Jack Wilson updated board that 2015 Annual report was done and uploaded to the state. The logger is currently working to clear trees at the Shelter site.

Motions made by Jack Wilson to pay the bills.

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

7:08 PM Motion to adjourn by Jack Wilson

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo