MARCH 19, 2018
Meeting Called toOrder: 6:00 PM

Present: Jack Wilson,Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo Nancy Hart Todd Unislawski, Leah Everhart,Kelly Bradt, Clyde Nellis, WENT Reporter, Leader Herald Reporter, Jeff Persch

Public Comment:

Jeff Persch: Taxes have jumped this year; will taxes bekept under the 2% cap next year? JackWilson stated board is trying to keep as low as possible. Expenses figures willbe on website soon.

Motion to approve Februaryminutes made by Tim Rizzo

2nd: WaltLane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin


Highway: T. J. Bradt notpresent

Code Enforcer: SeeAttached

Assessor: Attached

Town Clerk: Attached

ACO: Attached

Justice: Attached

Council Members:

Daryl Baldwin: ThankedWalt Lane for adding E-codes to website

Tim Rizzo: 1. Wants standard work report form discussedat next meeting and stated that he requested reports be standardized for thismeeting which was not done.

2. Asked Clyde Nellis,bookkeeper what current fund balance was. Clyde stated approximately a halfmillion dollars. Approximately $435,000 after adjustment for 2018, as of today.

3. Proposed a minimumfund balance be discussed at next meeting and resolution to maintain minimumfund balance be made. Tim proposed abalance of $600,000.00.

4. Tim has spoken withTodd Unislawski about finishing the court addition and was told there are nocopies of the plans. Todd assumes planswere all sent to state with grant application. Tim stated he needs plans for the grant he is applying for. Jack Wilson recommended he talk to KathyCanary as this was a justice grant. TimRizzo stated he was informed thePlanning Bd. didn’t have anything on the addition and Leah Everhart explainedthat Municipalities sometimes don’t need to go through certain processes fortown projects.

Supervisor Report: 18, 753.00 received from Justice

6, 589.00 received from Town Clerk

36,723.00 Town Hall Payroll

59,626.00 Town Hall Expenses

45,740.00 Highway Payroll(includes overtime)

32,412.00 Highway Expenses

Jack Wilson brought upmatter of Tim Rizzo wanting disciplinary forms for personnel. Jack stated Tim has no authority todiscipline or govern day to day activities of town hall. Tim Rizzo stated hewants standard reporting forms in order to show what employees are doing andaccomplishments to prove work done. Tim was told to bring in a sample of whathe wants to the board to be voted on.

Board discussedupdating codes for e-code books would cost approximately $7,500.00 to be spreadover 2 years. Leah Everhart asked iftown had a written estimate and Daryl Baldwin stated he has it. Jack Wilson said board will vote on issuenext month.

Public Hearing forMaster Plan and Zoning Law changes including the SEQRA needs to be set up.

a. New Zoning Along Hales Mills Road

b.County recommendation needed

c.SEQRA review for area. The Planningboard needs to be notified that Town Board will be lead agency for SEQRA.

Res. 2018-48: Motionmade by Jack Wilson



WHEREAS, Fulton County hired River StreetPlanning to prepare a County Development Strategy, and

WHEREAS, the Development Strategyidentifies Targeted Development Areas in the County where concentrated commercial andresidential development should be focused based on theavailability ofland, municipal infrastructure and transportation conidors, and

WHEREAS, theTown of Johnstown Planning Board has recommended that additionallanguage be included in the Town's MasterPlan defining the Town' s vision for the Hales Mills DevelopmentArea and that a new Zoning District be created alongHalesMills Road Extension that will allow for thetype of developmentthat has been conceptually envisioned for the Hales MillsDevelopment Area,and

WHEREAS, aFull Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) for thisproposed action has been prepared, and

WHEREAS, theTown of Johnstown, after careful consideration and analysis of Towndemographics, community facilities, public infrastructure and transportation corridors, does not feel that there are any significantadverse environmental impacts that could result from thisproposed action.


RESOLVED, that the Town of Johnstown declares itself the Lead Agencyfor the purpose of issuinga determination of significance under SEQR and authorizes the filing of a negativedeclaration underSEQR for this proposed action,and be it further

RESOLVED, that certifiedcopies ofthis Resolution be forwarded to the Fulton County

Planning Department and to each andevery other personor agency who mayfurther the purport of this Resolution.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Discussion: Tim Rizzoquestioned the scope of the project. Leah Everhart said this is resolution only to make the Board the leadagency. Tim Is concerned about limitedknowledge of the Town Board regarding environmental issues.

Ayes: Jack Wilson,Daryl Baldwin, Walt Lane

Nays: Tim Rizzo

Resolution 2018-49:Motion made by Jack Wilson


WHEREAS, Fulton Countyhired RiverStreet Planning to prepare a County Development Strategy, and

WHEREAS, the Development Strategyidentifies Targeted Development Areas in the County where concentrated commercial and residential development should be focused based on theavailability of land, municipal infrastructure and transportation corridors, and

WHEREAS,one of those Development Areas, the Hales MillsDevelopment Area, is located in the Town of Johnstown along Hales Mills Road Extension, and


WHEREAS,there isno specificmention of the Hales Mills Development Areain the

Town's current Master Plan and the Town's existing Zoning Law may limit some of the types of development that has been envisioned within the Hales Mills Development Area, and

WHEREAS, onMay 10,2016, the Town of Johnstown PlanningBoard, working with the County Planning Department and the County's consultants, developed a vision for conceptualdevelopment of theHales Mills Development Area andrecognized that this vision eventually needed to be incorporated into theTown's Master Plan, and

WHEREAS, onApril 11, 2017, the Town ofJohnstown Planning Board recommended that the Town Board create a Hales Mills Development District along Hales Mills RoadExtensioninorder to allow for the type of development that was envisioned for theDevelopment Area.


RESOLVED, that a Public Hearing be scheduled on the proposed amended language in

theTown Master Plan and the changes to the Town'sZoning Law for p.m., Monday,

_ _ _ _ _ , 2018,and be it further

RESOLVED, that certified copies of this Resolution be forwardedto the County Planning Department and toeach and every otherperson or agencywho may further the purport of thisResolution.

2nd: WaltLane

Discussion: Tim Rizzoasked if this covered zoning chart amendments. It does.

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Rte. 67 Tires: Todd Unislawski, code enforcer, questionednext legal action to be taken. LeahEverhart asked what state agency was involved. DEC stated not enough tires for violation. Leah will look into threshold of number oftires needed for DEC to revisit. Bestfor Town if DEC were to handle matter. Attorney should send letter to land owner. Walt stated land owner is aware ofproblem. Leah said property owner maytake letter from attorney more seriously. Two town residents that live in area concerned as this issue has beengoing on for 3 years.

Res. 2018-50: Motionmade by Walt Lane to appoint Eric Van Alstyne Chair and Dick Goebel Vice Chairof the Planning Board.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Res. 2018-51: Motion made by Walt Lane to appoint DenisWilson Chair and Joe Cirillo Vice Chair of the Zoning Board.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Spring Ave.Zoning: Property owner at end of SpringAve. can’t build a house as zoning is C2, Commercial use. Todd Unislawski asked if single family housescan be built there. 3-4 parcels in neighborhood zoned C2 and if zoning werechanged there would be no commercial zoning left there. Todd stated road is not sufficient forcommercial usage. Tim Rizzo questioned if land owner should write to Town Boardwith what he is asking for. Walt Lanestated the Planning Board should handle. Leah Everhart said Master Plan should be reviewed prior to any changes.

7:10 PM Jack Wilsonmade motion to go into executive session for potential litigation.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

8:10 PM: Motion to goout of Executive session made by Walt Lane

2nd: TimRizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

8:10 PM Motion to paybills by Jack Wilson

8:10 PM Motion toAdjourn by Jack Wilson

2nd: TimRizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin