JUNE 18, 2018

PRESENT: Jack Wilson,Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Don VanDuesent, Leah Everhart, Nancy Hart,
Todd Unislawski, T. J. Bradt,Kelly Bradt, Bob Smullen, Mike Rose,k Greta Davis,Ron Drzewicki, Tom Rohl,
Leader Herald Reporter, Clyde Nellis, Teresa Westover.


Kelly Bradt: Concerned about blight in Meco. Repeat offenders on Maple Ave, Old Peck Hill and Co Hwy101.
Laws are in place and nothing is done. Jack Wilson stated he is in contact with attorneys to represent the town in Codes Court.
Kelly questioned the need for another attorney.
Jack said Leah Everhart would have to charge travel time from Glens Falls, so cheaper to hire locally.


Highway: 75% of mowing is done for first trip.

T. J. will be reviewing truck values with NYMIR for full value replacement.

Codes: Attached

5 court cases, 1 no show

Check with Sir William Johnson Fire Dept. on permit for pavilion.
There is one, but was not in the newer computer. They claim they also had one for the sign.

Assessor Attached

Clerk: Attached

ACO: Attached

Justice: Attached


Don VanDuesen: Question on removal of wildlife when it is dispatched by law enforcement.

Nancy Hart responded itis the highway dept. for the road where animal is or, if on private land, the home owner.

Tim Rizzo: Update on Town Hall improvements and recent correspondence with state.

Would like to get committee together to monitor upkeep of town cemeteries and possibly get public involved.
There are 13-14 cemeteries in the town. Daryl Baldwin wants to avoid involvement above what is currently done.
Jack Wilson stated there is an organization that does repairs. Request was made for Leader Herald reporter
to put something in her article to ascertain if any public interest.

Tim Rizzo consulted with T. J. Bradt and is looking to get a grant to purchase a crew cab truck for the Highway Dept.

Assessor reported 448 citizens receive military exemption. Tim feels quality assurance check should be done

on exemptions to ensure deserved. He hasn’t received the sub-division list of ones not registered with the county
from assessor yet. He feels town should look into a charter system as things aren’t accomplished in a timely manner.
Walt and Daryl feel this is not assessor’s responsibility.

Leah Everhart, counsel,stated sub-division is granted by Planning Board and property owner takes a mylar map to the county.
If owner doesn’t follow through with county the sub-division is not recognized. For taxing purposes it remains 1 lot,
and it becomes an issue when another house is built on property not sub-divided properly.

Daryl Baldwin: Questioned figures Tim Rizzo has on mowing contract.

$27,058.00 from Justice

$10,591.00 from Clerk

$81,505.00 Mortgage Tax

$32,769.00 Town Hall payroll

$63,235.00 Town Hall expenses

$37,828.00 Highway payroll

$28,940.00 Highway expenses

Jack read a letter hewrote regarding accomplishments for the town in financial issues and newagreements.
20 % savings in energy usage at the Town Hall.

Attorney: Hales Mills road updates. Letter from Transportation Dept. accepting Town Board as lead agency for SEQRA.
One question on SEQRA regarding water table was answered. The water table is 6 feet underground per county planning.

Don Van Duesen questioned qualifications of Town Board to answer SEQRA questions.
Leah explained SEQRA is done by Board prior to them spending money on a project.
And Walt Lane stated as project progresses, environmental impact will be dealt with at that time.

Res. 2018- 73: motionmade by Jack Wilson to: Adopt negative declaration (attached)

2nd: WaltLane

Discussion: Tim stated no formal engineering has been done. Don Van Duesen stated he is okay with Leah and Walt’s explanation.

Ayes: Jack Wilson, DonVanDuesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Nays: Tim Rizzo

Res. 2018-74: motion made by Walt Lane to : Adopt MasterPlan Amendments (attached)

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Tim Rizzo, Don Van Duesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Res. 2018-75: motion made by Daryl Baldwin to: Adopt Local Law 2018-1 amending Chapter 84.(Attached)

2nd: Walt Lane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Tim Rizzo, Don Van Duesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Jack met with NYS Parole who would like to use the Town Hall on Thursday evenings to meet with parolees.
Would pay $50.00 per month. Contract is being drawn up. Don Van Duesen requested Eric Rice, from Parole,
come before full board to discuss.

County mowing contract: 31 miles at rate of $ 425.00 per mile $13,995.13 total.
T. J. Bradt stated this is up from last year’s $400.00 per mile and Montgomery County is only getting $400.00 per mile.
T. J. stated Town actually mows about 25 miles of road as homeowners are mowing to the road on their properties.

Res. 2018-76: motion made by Daryl Baldwin to accept the County Mowing Contract at $425.00 per mile for 31 miles.

2nd: JackWilson

Discussion: Tim Rizzo stated it is too low and should be between $25,000.00 and $30,000.00 per year.
He would be willing to do mowing for $25,000.00. T. J. Stated an increase in plowing money would be more beneficial to town.
Don Van Duesen asked T. J. if price was fair and T. J. said compared to other counties it is.

Ayes: Jack Wilson, DonVanDuesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Nays: Tim Rizzo

Motion made by Dary lBaldwin to pay bills

2nd: WaltLane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Tim Rizzo, Don Van Duesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Res; 2018-77: motion made by Jack Wilson to transfer $3,000.00 from Workman’s Comp A 920.8 to A1320.4
and $1,000.00 from Contingency 1990.4 to A 1320.4 for a total of $4,000.00 to defray cost of bookkeeping expenses.

2nd: TimRizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Tim Rizzo, Don Van Duesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Need to transfer monies for overage on Code Enforcer’s training. Clyde Nellis will have figures for next meeting.

7:40 PM Motion to Adjourn by Daryl Baldwin

2nd: TimRizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Tim Rizzo, Don Van Duesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin