JUNE 4, 2018
Meeting Opened: 5:00PM

Present: T. J. Bradt,Nancy Hart, Todd, Unislawski, Don VanDuesen, Tim Rizzo, Jack Wilson, DarylBaldwin, Walt Lane, Kelsey Mahoney, Tom Rohl, LH Reporter

Tim Rizzo gave a presentationon Reports:

Current reports givenby Town Departments need more detail. Accomplishments, unresolved problems, goals and aid needed to reachgoals should be in reports.

Walt Lane felt thistype of reporting doesn’t fit Town’s needs as town is an agency and not abusiness.

Don Van Duesen stated pictures and details inreports would help the board to know what needs to be addressed.

Discussion over Codeviolations enforcement:

Town can’t fine for notshowing up in court.

Possibly make blight amisdemeanor.

Jack suggested anattorney for Codes Court. Has contacted Jerry Heckler and is waiting for areturn call from him. Will look intoother possible attorneys.

Don VanDuesenquestioned what will be the qualifying factor for something being considered asa misdemeanor. Would rather make notshowing in court be the misdemeanor.

Jack Wilson suggested aworkshop to review Chapter 84 with Leah Everhart present to see what needs tobe updated, changed or strengthened.

Tim Rizzo requested aresolution for Engineering America from Saratoga doing the solar panels forTown Hall grant work.

Res. 2018-70: Motion made by Jack Wilson to hireEngineering America for Town Hall Solar Panels not to exceed $10,000.00. Moneyto be transferred from Contingency Fund to the new Engineering Acct.

2nd: TimRizzo

Discussion: Don VanDuesen asked if Tim contacted more than one vendor and was assured several hadbeen contacted and there was no interest by others.

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Don VanDuesen, Daryl Baldwin

Jack Wilson told boardMary Horst had resigned her position with the Court and 3 applications had beenreceived for the job. One is a Johnstown resident, Ci Ci Van Denburgh.

Res. 2018-71: Motionmade by Walt Lane to allow court to hire Ci Ci Van Denburgh for Court Clerkposition at $12.98 an hour for 28 hours per week plus court sessions.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Don VanDuesen, Daryl Baldwin

Jack Wilson has beentalking with Scott Henze, from County Planning, regarding water districts forSt. Hwy 349 and Myrtle Ave.

Trailer Parks must havepermit to operate, Town needs an application for Operating Permit for DeerCreek since its changed hands.

Res. 2018-72: Motion made by Walt Lane to give operatingpermit based on Building Permit application.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Don VanDuesen, Daryl Baldwin

Don Van Duesenrequested Todd log his time spent at Trailer Parks for inspection to verify$100.00 per year is enough for the permit.

Jack Wilson statedPleasant Square Fire Dept. purchased an Amish building and Jack wants to waivepermit fees for Fire Depts. Walt Lanestated other departments have done projects and wanted to know if fees werewaived before. He was also concernedabout getting the permits and having inspections done if fees weren’tcollected. Todd Unislawski will look into past jobs done at Fire Depts. forinspections and fees.

Tim Rizzo revisited theissue regarding Robert Smullen. He hasasked Kathi Oare for a list of properties not properly subdivided and havingcounty tax parcel ID numbers. OncePlanning Board approves a subdivision the owner must file at County to makelegal. Todd Unislawski stated they have90 days to complete or the property reverts back to one property.

Walt Lane said the listis needed, verify what the law states and have planning board give applicantsdirections on what needs to be done after they approve the subdivision.

Don VanDuesen said townis losing money on subdivisions when exemptions are being applied to entireparcel and not just the residential piece.

6:50 PM MeetingAdjourned: Motion made by Walt Lane to adjourn

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Don VanDuesen, Daryl Baldwin