JANUARY 23, 2017

Meeting opened: 6:15 PM

Present: Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Nancy Hart, Ryan Fagan, Tom Rohl, Tim Rizzo, Anthony Ambrosino

No Public Comment

Daryl Baldwin made motion to approve minutes of the last meeting.

2nd: Jack Wilson

Comment: Tim Rizzo asked if it was the Organizational meeting, and was told it was the workshop. He said he had questions on Organizational meeting.

Ayes, Jack Wilson, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo


Highway Superintendent: Absent

Code Enforcer: Attached

Assessor: Attached

Clerk: Attached

ACO: Attached

Justice: Attached

Councilmen: No reports

Supervisor: Attached

Bid Opening for Shelter Site Logging:

1 Bid received from Galusha and Sons, Queensbury, NY: $43,450.00 for Clearing and Clean Up.

Ryan stated the bid specs were given out from the Soil and Water Dept.

Board decided the sole bid was too high and will leave the land clearing to Solar City.

Clerk will notify Galusha and Sons of the decision and advise Solar City may engage them.

Planning/Zoning Board members and terms was completed.

Anthon Ambrosino, S. Kingsboro Ave. volunteered for Planning Board Alternate. Jack Wilson read his resume.

Res. 2017-42: Jack made motion to appoint Anthony Ambrosino as an alternate to the Planning Board.

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

Deer Creek Park: Jack stated the Park is now owned by the bank and has a Receiver who is collecting rent, paying bills and maintaining the Park.

Wesskum Woods Pump House: Both pumps are rusted out and need to be replaced along with one of the motors. Approximate cost is $5,000.00.

February Workshop is in conflict with the Lincoln Day Dinner.

Motion made by Tim Rizzo to cancel February Workshop meeting

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

Jack stated the 2014 AUD has been uploaded and accepted by NYS.

Ryan reminded the board that the Zoning Board can use more members.

Motion was made by Jack Wilson to pay bills

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

The 4th quarter sales tax came in and was approximately $253,400.00.

6:45 PM Motion made by Daryl Baldwin to adjourn

2nd: Jack Wilson

Ayes: Jack Wilson Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo