JANUARY 22, 2018
Meeting Called toOrder: 6:00 PM

Present: Jack Wilson,Don Van Duesen, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Nancy Hart, ToddUnislawski, Clyde Nellis, Leah Everhart, Tom Rohl, 2 reporters.

Public Comment: None

Motion made by Daryl Baldwin to accept December meeting minutes.

2nd: Walt Lane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Don VanDuesen, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Res. 2018-40: Motion made by Jack Wilson to amend Res. 2018-28 to read:

Resolved: To hold the Planning Board meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM and to appoint Sean Geraghty as Secretary to the Planning Board, and that the members must attend at least 8 meetings a year and get the required training.

Further Resolved: that the Town of Johnstown Zoning Board of appeals will hold its meetings at 6:00 PM on the first Thursday of the month, when necessary.

Further Resolved: thatRes 2018-20 sets the pay for both the zoning and planning boards.

Discussion was raised on Res. 2018-4 regarding the $140.00 boot allowance. Tim Rizzo stated allowance is in the Union Contract and not necessary to include with other parts of Res. 2018-4.

Res. 2018-41: Motion made by Tim Rizzo to delete the second Further Resolved portion of 2018-4 regarding the $ 140.00 boot allowance.

2nd:Don VanDuesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Don VanDuesen, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin


Highway: (T.J. Bradt absent) Snow plowing is going well, no major repairs. Final paperwork completed to get FEMA check for $20,510.41.

Code Enforcement: See Attached

Assessor: See Attached

Clerk: See Attached

Animal Control: See Attached

Justice: See Attached

Councilman Reports:

Don Van Duesen:Commented on recently attended training being very good.

Walt Lane: Gave Jack a reimbursement check from NYMIR. Also commented on the training being very worthwhile.

Daryl Baldwin: E-code training is scheduled for 5:00 PM prior to the February Regular Board Meeting.

Jack Wilson:Supervisor’s Report: Received: $22,834 from Justice Dept.

Clerk: $10,189.00

MortgageTax: $46,120.00

Town HallPayroll: $59,647.00

Town HallExpenses: $ 109,298.00

HighwayPayroll: $70,828.00

HighwayExpenses: $51,144.00

Tim Rizzo: Organizational Minute issues:

1) $10,000.00 to purchase equipment for Highway shouldn’t be allowed since budget was to be cut to the bare bones and Town Hall Employees didn’t receive raises. Shows a Devaluation of the Town Hall Employees.

2) Purchase of trucks that was in the Leader Herald is questioning where funding is coming from? Jack Wilson stated no trucks were purchased or intended to be purchased.

3) Has asked for 5 year plans from all Dept. Heads in May and still doesn’t have them.

Walt Lane asked if update to the Master Plan is what Tim wants. Tim agreed it is needed. Walt suggested involving residents and department heads to update the plan. Tim Rizzo says monetary/cash flow and operations is what is needed to be detailed in the plan. Walt feels a committee should be created to do the plan. Jack Wilson stated there are only 1-2 people per department other than Highway. Don Van Duesen stated he is not sure what is expected for this plan.

Jack Wilson gave Board members copies of the union contract.

Jack Wilson stated: First Quarter sales tax is $ 292,517.26 which is an increase of $ 36, 138.32f rom last year.

Jack has approached Dr.Cope to fill the Health Officer position and he has agreed for the annual rate of $1,000.00 to be paid in December.

Nick Zabosky has been contacted for a meeting.

Tim Rizzo says grant for Town Hall improvements need list of any contractors hired for the past 5years to be sent in.

Attorney Leah Everhart:Need a resolution to make Dr. Cope the Health Officer

FTHG (Mobile Park) litigation is being discontinued.

Walgreen’s tax litigation needs appraiser to make report. Kathi Oare has contacted several and received no response. Attorney is requesting resolution to hire anappraiser not to exceed $2,000.00.

Case settled for Fulton Center againstthe Town for 2013 – 2017.

Need Attorney/Client meeting for property acquisition and possible litigation.

Res. 2018-42. Motion made by Jack Wilson to accept Dr.Kevin Cope as Town Health Officer.

2nd: DonVanDuesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Don VanDuesen, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Res. 2018-43: Motion made by Walt Lane to allow Attorney to hire an appraiser up to $2,000.00 for WalGreen Litigation.

2nd: TimRizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Don VanDuesen, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane

Nay: Daryl Baldwin

Res.2018-44: Motion made by Jack Wilson for resolving of case involving 847 Co. Hwy 122 (FultonCenter).

2nd: WaltLane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, DonVanDuesen, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Board members were given copies of future spending plan provided by Bruce Van Genderon.

Motion to pay bills byWalt Lane

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Don VanDuesen, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

6:48 PM Motion to adjourn by Don VanDuesen

2nd: Tim Rizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Don VanDuesen, Tim Rizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Board and Attorney went into client/attorney meeting.

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