FEBRUARY 27, 2017

Meeting called to order: 6:00 PM

Present: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo, Ryan Fagan, T. J. Bradt, Kelly Bradt, Nancy Hart, Mr. Washburn, Mr. Wood.

Public Comment:

Mr. Washburn/ Mr. Wood (for Prospect Hill Cemetery): Cemetery is in need of assistance from the town for tree removal. The last wind storm took down several large trees and they have no means to remove them. T. J. Bradt will look at the situation and see if town Highway crew can do anything.

Motion to approve minutes made by Walt Lane.

2nd: Tim Rizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo


Highway: With recent mild weather there has been a saving of salt and overtime usage.

Storm took down approximately 20 trees on Watershed road and had to be cleared along with several on Burdick and Mc Gregor roads.

Repairs were needed on the 2001 International Plow truck and computers went down on two trucks and had to be repaired.

Codes: Attached

Assessor: Attached

Town Clerk: Attached

Animal Control: Attached

Justice: Attached


Tim Rizzo: Tim asked if rebates were back from electric company yet and Jack Wilson said no currently, but electric has been switched back to National Grid.

Tim asked about new accounts program in Supervisor’s office and was told data needed to be further updated before switching so information would be up to date.

Tim wants Time Clocks for all employees so time is kept digitally. Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin and Jack Wilson all feel the number of employees is too small to offset the cost of a time clock.

Tim asked about the $100.00 boot allowance given to the highway men and receipts should be handed in on the purchases. Walt stated it was in the contract and if Tim wanted to address the issue it should be raised during negotiations. Tim would like it brought up at that time.

Jack Wilson stated he had signed the Solar Lease Contract with Solar City. T. J. Bradt requested permission to get a logger for Shelter site to take out valuable timber and split with the town. Board said it would be okay for him to talk to Jeff Brooks about logging off the site.

Jack stated the budget was incorrect for 2017 and Bershire Fire Dept. was shorted $500.00 and Sir William Johnstown was shorted $2,000.00.

Res. 2017-43: Daryl Baldwin made motion to make Fire Depts Budgets whole with money from Contingency Fund.

2nd: Walt Lane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

Recycle Dumpster receptacle has been put at Fulton Street Transfer Station.

Berkshire Fire District has requested Hamlet signs put up and speed reduced by the fire house on Steele Ave. Ext. T. J. Bradt stated it is a state road so need to talk with NYS DOT and possibly the county. Jack read a letter from the fire department requesting lower speed limit to 45 MPH the total length of the road or 300 yards east of the firehouse.

Res. 2017-44: Walt made motion to ask state to reduce speed limit to 45 MPH 300 yards east of Fire Department.

2nd: Daryl Baldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

Jack updated board on bookkeeping situation. Bruce Van Gendron should have 2015 done in 1 -2 weeks, 2015 AUD should be done soon so BAN for Salt Shed can be done at NBT bank. T. J. Bradt stated $197,827.00 is needed to finish. Jack stated BAN would be for $200,000.00.

Hales Mills Rd. Ext: need an additional 10 feet ROW on east side of highway. 3-4 property owners are affected and need to deed Town land to get the 10 feet. An appraisal of the properties needs to be done. Jack Wilson will seek bids on appraisal job. He thinks it will be about $2,500.00 for appraisals. Ryan Fagan recommended getting 3 bids. Town will need to finance appraisals and cost of buying the land which would come from Contingency.

County is currently doing metes and bounds in the area and town will be responsible for sidewalks.

Ryan Fagan stated there are two requests for Off-site billboards in the area which are only allowed in M-1 zones so board might look to change Hales Mills area from M-1. 13 parcels would be involved along Van road and Hales Mills Rd. up to Sun Valley Rd. Walt Lane feels not worth changing for signs, Daryl Baldwin wants left as is, and Tim Rizzo said should be up to Planning and review of code is needed. Jack Wilson and Walt Lane agreed code needs to be reviewed.

Josh Katz, Onyx Solar, talked with board about PILOT programs for solar projects. NYS has 15 years exemption on Solar Equipment which goes to full taxation after that. Section 47 law gives three options: 1) Leave full exemption in place

2) Opt out of exemption totally

3) PILOT (0-100%) have to go through IDA normally, but Section 47 allows Town, County and School to make agreement without IDA. He suggested PILOT of $14,000.00 per years escalating at 2% each year. County and Town would have to make an agreement.

Res. 2017-45: Daryl Baldwin made motion to enter into PILOT program with ONYX Renewable Solar.

2nd: Walt Lane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

Daryl Baldwin made motion to pay bills

2nd: Jack Wilson

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo

7:38 PM Motion to Adjourn by Daryl Baldwin

2nd: Walt Lane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Tim Rizzo