AUGUST 20, 2018
Meeting Opened: 6:00 PM

Present: Don VanDuesen,Tim Rizzo, Daryl Baldwin, Jack Wilson, Leah Everhart, Todd Unislawski, NancyHart, Walt Lane. (Additional attendance sheet)


Kevin Kucel: Need stop sign painted at foot of hill byMeco School. Kids will be back in the building this year. Jack Wilson said hewill need to revisit with Mark Yost.

Greta Davis: Questionedinformation at last meeting on Mortgage Tax increase and why it was up so much.Wanted to know if money was guaranteed to be there. Jack stated that moneycomes from refinance of homes in Johnstown and already received the money which will go toward the 2019 budget todefray expenses.

Peter Piazza: Got acall telling veteran’s that the Veteran’s exemption was being discussedtonight. Worried exemption is going to be taken away. Jack said the exemption isn’t going to beremoved and waste of tax dollars to audit all exemptions. Tim Rizzo stated town needs to investigatesubdivisions that are illegally divided for tax evasion and he wasn’t talkingabout the veteran’s exemption.

Mike Rose: Tim Rizzo requested QA/QC audit of 400veteran exemptions at June meeting and it is in the minutes. Tim Rizzo reiterated if was for subdivisionsand not exemptions.

Motion to approveminutes of last regular meeting made by Walt Lane.

2nd: TimRizzo

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Don Van Duesen


Highway: Paving hasbeen completed on Mac Vean Rd.

Millings were placed on Electric Light Rd and EdickRd. Will make plowing in the winter alot easier.E

Double yellow lines were painted on Progress Rd, ElmwoodAve. Ext. , Barker Rd., and Fifth Ave.

Assisted City of Johnstown with paving today and alsoassisted Town of Mohawk with shoulder maintenance.

Code Enforcer: Attached

Assessor: Attached

Clerk: Attached

Animal Control:Attached

Justice: Attached

Council Reports:

Don Van Duesen: Stated he is not after Veteran’sexemptions.
Heasked who was paying for security cameras for Town Hall. Daryl Baldwin said thecourt grant will cover the cameras.

Don stated theboard needs more information on Shared Services Report. Jack Wilson explained the vote at lastmonth’s meeting was to tell the County that the town supported shared serviceslike Tax Collection. Only Mayfield and Town of Johnstown sent letters ofsupport so will not be pursued. WaltLane stated a year ago brainstorming session was done by County to look intoideas for service sharing that may be of interest to the town. SMART WATERS is only one currently happening. Don said more information prior to themeeting is needed to make informed vote. Tim Rizzo says Town needs a capital plan before the town can enter intocounty agreements.

Tim Rizzo: Wanted to express he is not attacking the Vet Exemptions;his concern is subdivisions that are not registered with the county for propertaxation. Assessor has told him there isa gap between Planning granting subdivision and owner’ registering same withthe county. Jack Wilson said he hasquestioned this and there is NO law to record at the county level and it is awaste of resources to go back and research all of them. Tim Rizzo stated after 90 days if notrecorded the property reverts back to original state.

6:40 PM Tim Rizzo mademotion for executive session for personnel issue.

2nd: DonVanDuesen

Katherine Bradt askedboard to hold session until end of meeting and it was agreed.

Walt Lane: Thankedpublic for patience and congratulated highway on paving and road work.

Jack Wilson: Remarkedon the ongoing bantering at the board meetings and that two board members arenot on board to make improvements. Hestated the towns financial issues have been straightened out amongst other achievements. He continued by stating Don was doingbackground checks and investigating for the purpose of opposing localcandidates. Jack also stated Tim Rizzois against anything the board does. DonVan Duesen questioned Jack Wilson’s involvement and contribution to RobertSmullen’s campaign.

Attorney: two firmshave answered regarding assisting in Codes Court for the town. One is located in Albany so is probably notgoing to be cost effective. The other local attorney is seeking information onwhat is expected of them.

Clarification of what is legally required insubdivisions. The applicant is not required to subdivide even if they do getsubdivision approval from Planning, but if they don’t subdivide they can’tbuild on property as if it was subdivided. Can’t treat parcel as more than one lot if not subdivided. There is value in subdivision so taxes goup. Tim Rizzo said problem is propertiesnot divided and have more than one house on them.

Jack Wilson said hecontacted Mr. Heckler regarding Codes Court and he will handle the job for $5=150.00per hour. Heidi Gifford agreed to$250.00 per hour. Walt Lane said shouldbe discussed in executive session.

Sir William JohnsonFire Dept.: Dan Sowle presented proposal for 5 year contract.

First two years- no increaseand then 2% for the next three years. Total would be $ 5,844.00 over 5 years.

Walt Lane stated theFire Dept. contracts make it hard to stay under the 2% tax cap, but appreciatedthe efforts made.

Pleasant Square FireDept.: Anthony Mandeta presented a three year proposal: 2019-10% increase, 2020-5% increase and 2021-5% increase.

Res. 2018-81: Motion made by Walt Lane to set Publichearings for Regular Board meeting September 17, 2018 for 6:00 PM for SirWilliam Johnston Fire Dept. and 6:15 PM for Pleasant Square Fire Dept.contracts.

2nd: JackWilson

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Don Van Duesen

Res. 2018-82: Motionmade by Jack Wilson to accept plowing contract of 6.68 miles @ $5,000.00 permile for a total of $33,400.00 from Fulton County.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Discussion: Tim Rizzoand Don Van Duesen asked to see the contract. Tim Rizzo stated T. J. Bradt wanted more for plowing and he isn’t forthe contract if T. J. Bradt is not present. Jack Wilson said T. J. Bradt was okay with the contract.

Ayes: Jack Wilson DonVanDuesen, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin

Nays: Tim Rizzo

Quarterly sales tax isup $37,276.00 from last year.

Two areas needattention from the Planning Board regarding zoning changes. Berkshire has beenrequested to be commercial zoning and W. Fulton St. resident would like toconvert area from commercial back to residential in order to build a house.

The board feelsPlanning Dept. needs to review. TheAttorney stated zoning needs to stay consistent with the town’s plans and notbe spot zoned and Board should give Planning board more information on issue.

Res. 2018-83: Motionmade by Jack Wilson for zone changes in Berkshire and W. Fulton to go beforethe Planning Board.

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Discussion: Tim Rizzoasked about Subik’s request in Sammonsville and was told Subik was no longerinterested.

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Don Van Duesen

Jack Wilson told theBoard, Allan Baurle had resigned as the janitor. Tim wants executive session on JanitorPosition.

Jack Wilson spoke withMr. Mc Mullins who owns the solar project ton Elmwood Ave. Mr. Mc Mullins wants to build an apartmentcomplex there and needs sewer connection of 3,700 feet. Mr. Mc Mullins wants the county or town tosupport a sewer district and put in the connection which would cost $500,00.00to $750,000.00 to build. Attorney statedthe town is not responsible for sewer connection; it is the builder’sresponsibility. Tim Rizzo suggested McMullins could build in increments and get financing.

Jack Wilson saidMayfield is looking for testing of Highway Employees to be sure they are ableto do the job physically. T. J. Bradt isagainst it as he feels it would limit his hiring abilities.

NYMIR will be here inSeptember to discuss insurance coverage renewal.

Tim Rizzo gave updateson status of Grant for Town Hall. Rough draft is done. Solar array will befirst part of project.

7:52 PM Motion made byJack Wilson to go into Executive Session for personnel matters.

2nd: Don VanDuesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Don Van Duesen

9:00 PM Motion made byWalt Lane to go out of Executive Session

2nd: Don VanDuesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Don Van Duesen

Motion to pay the billsby Jack Wilson

2nd: DarylBaldwin

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Don Van Duesen

Res. 2018-84: Motion made by Jack Wilson to hire JerryHeckler as an attorney to help with Codes Court for the remainder of 2018 at arate of $150.00 per house not to exceed $3,500.00

2nd: DonVanDuesen

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Don Van Duesen

9:15 PM motion toadjourn by Daryl Baldwin

2nd: WaltLane

Ayes: Jack Wilson, TimRizzo, Walt Lane, Daryl Baldwin, Don Van Duesen